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A native Indian, Khalid has been born and brought up in Dubai. Though having a degree in finance and marketing, his main passion has always been creating fragrances. Having dedicated a considerable time in the industry, in 2020, he sought out to stamp his own independent footprint in the perfumery world.

A curated alliance of his creative desires and expertise of world-renowned perfumers.

At last, RAYHAAN was born.

‘All-Factory’ Experience

No two persons are alike; hence no two perfumes should be too.

At Rayhaan Perfumes, we understand the complex desires of our consumers and strive to provide a complete olfactory presentation of fragrances. From rich, deep woody notes in some to fresh marine compositions in others. From mild citrus beginnings to powerful, strong amber culminations.

Truly ‘All-Factory’

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Essential Luxury

At RAYHAAN, we strive to make the best quality perfumes with the highest quality ingredients. Aided by some of the best nose in the industry, our objective is always to get the best out there. We believe perfumes should be for everybody and each bottle is an element of luxury that can be enjoyed by everyone


East meets West

Designed exclusively for the brand RAYHAAN by a local calligraphy artist, it is a modern / abstract art on our brand name. A centuries old practice packaged in a modern format; appealing to the future whilst inspired by the past.

With a desire to appeal to all and to honor the Middle Eastern roots of our brand;

The perfect identity for our brand

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